Subscription payments gateway

Yoki Finance is pioneering the integration of the subscription economy with Web3 through our permissionless platform and infrastructure. With a market currently evaluated at $285 billion, the subscription economy has been a dominant trend for the past two decades. Our platform empowers individuals and businesses to seamlessly accept recurring crypto payments, offering support for various subscription-based products such as SaaS, gated community and content access, paywall, donations, Dollar-Cost-Averaging, automated loan repayments, and more.

In the Web3 landscape, where over 30 million monthly active users cannot set up recurring payments, Yoki Finance fills a crucial gap. Existing Web3 businesses relying on subscription models often resort to fiat gateways or manual invoicing, creating inefficiencies. Our permissionless solution is accessible to anyone with a Web3 wallet, presenting significant growth opportunities in over 150 countries where traditional subscription payment gateways are inaccessible.

Yoki Finance revolutionizes user experience by providing intuitive subscription management tools, offering users unparalleled control over their subscriptions compared to traditional finance solutions. With the implementation of EIP-4337, our solution becomes not only viable but also user-friendly, abstracting complex actions like gas fee payments in native tokens. Join us as we redefine subscription payments in the Web3 era.

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