This page describes high-level how a merchant can get notifications about subscription statuses via API.

Yoki notifies the merchant by firing webhook handler URL (provided by merchant) with POST request upon the following events:

  1. Periodic payment is failed. We provide a retry mechanism, so there can be two cases:

    1. Subscription went to error state (e.g., not enough funds or allowance) and stopped.

    2. Subscription will try to charge the user in 24 hours (max 5 tries).

To see the data that will be passed to your API, you can click to links above and use services like , (no endorsement), to see the data that comes in.

Important: in your actual implementation webhook API must return either an empty response or {} (empty JSON object) and 2XX status code, otherwise call is considered unsuccessful and will be retried. Max number of retries is 18 over the course of 12 hours.

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