Technologies Under the Hood

Yoki Finance uses a set of already established and trusted solutions to facilitate the development process.


The authorization process with Web3 wallets with Metamask or WalletConnect is accustomed to every Web3 Enthusiast. Future integration with Web3Auth helps non-Web3 people with onboarding by authorizing using their social graph.

Strategy creation

In the widget interface users with a connected wallet could set up the recurring token purchase strategy. For every scenario, Yoki Finance creates a separate smart contract with information about the transaction parameters. At the same time, the data about the strategy schedule is stored on the workers' side. Workers are initially stored on Yoki Finance's backend but then changed to decentralized workers in the next releases (e.g Chainlink Automation, Gelato Automation). Using decentralized workers helps us to be assured that user strategy will be executed in time and be stored decentralized.

User funds are stored in his wallet and are not accessed by Yoki smart contracts besides the purchase time.

Strategy execution

When the time for the next transaction comes our workers refer to the smart contract with the users' strategy data, which executes the swap on Uniswap (later on the liquidity aggregators such as 1inch and Kyberswap). Using liquidity aggregators routes the trade through the Decentralized Exchanges with the best available price, splitting the trade across multiple DEXs if necessary to achieve the best possible price for the user.

As a result of the transaction user wallet receives the purchased tokens and the analytical data is loaded into the widget.

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