Sending to Telegram group

This page describes how to send messages into Telegram group if merchant wants to implement this functionality as part of API integration.

Step 1 – create Telegram group

You can reuse existing group or create new from scratch (recommended). We recommend to name it appropriately and set up a group picture.

Step 2 – create a bot and get its token

DM @BotFather, and create a new bot. You'll get bot token that looks like


We recommend to name bot appropriately like "Subscriptions bot" or "Payments bot", whatever you like. We also recommend to set up bot's picture (open bot profile -> Edit) to make it look better in the group.

Step 3 – add bot into the group

This is pretty self-explanatory, just add this bot into the group you created on step 1.

Step 4 – get chat id

In the browser (or via CURL) open the URL<token>/getUpdates

where you get latest bot's activity. Visually scan the updates for text like

"sender_chat":{"id":-1003057777777 , .... }

here "id" is the group id you need (a big negative number).

Step 5 – send message to group

This code in TypeScript is self-explanatory, Telegram's sendMessage method is used, and lots of options are available. Here is the simplest possible case presented.

import axios from "axios";

export const sendTelegramMessage = (botToken: string, chatId: number, msg: string) => {
  return axios.get(
      params: {
        parse_mode: "HTML",
        chat_id: chatId,
        text: msg,
        disable_web_page_preview: true,

In this case HTML markup is used, (see, so you can format the message any way you want.

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