How to create the subscription plan

After the platform launch anyone with a Web3 wallet will be able to create the subscription payment page.

Currently, the service is available on demand.

To create the subscription plan:

  1. Fill out the Yoki Finance business development form

  2. Yoki BD team will reach out to you in 1-2 days

  3. Provide the following data:

    • Merchant name

    • Merchant short name for the URL

    • Merchant logo link (300x300 px)

    • Settlement wallet address

    • Webhook callback URL (optional)

    • Home page URL (optional)

    • Product name

    • Product short name for the URL

    • Product Description

    • Return URL after the successful subscription

    • Product logo (if different from merchant logo)

    • Payment plan name

    • Payment plan short name for the URL

    • Payment plan price

    • Payment plan frequency

    • Choose the chains (Polygon, Optimism, or both)

    • Choose the tokens (USDT, USDC, or both)

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