What is Yoki Finance?

Introduction to Yoki Finance

Yoki Finance is a decentralized non-custodial payment automation solution. Our mission is to make recurring crypto payments accessible, easy, and customizable.


Yoki is derived from “Your Key” which is part of a famous crypto catchphrase “Not your keys - not your crypto” and highlights our devotion to self-custody and lack of third-party control over users’ funds.


In the fiat space recurring payments are a giant industry with an estimated transaction volume exceeding 13 trillion USD in 2022. And it is estimated to grow significantly higher due to the shift to the subscription economy. Fiat payment subscription is expensive for business and users are struggling the subscriptions that they are not willing to pay for anymore, but forgot to cancel.

At the same time, Web3 provides a unique advantage of self-custody, allowing users to have complete control over their assets. However, this feature also poses the challenge of requiring manual approvals for every transaction. These approvals are complicated on the user level, but for organizations such as DAOs, it is a disaster, given their multi-sig approvals.

Yoki Finance team believes that automating Web3 recurring payments will combine the benefits of the traditional subscription economy with the benefits of blockchain and self-custody.

Implementing such functionality on a larger scale is critical for the mass adoption of the crypto payment infrastructure both in Web3 and non-Web3 spaces.

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