Money flows and settlement

  1. The merchant provides its wallet address for funds settlement. This address is identical for all chains.

  2. Yoki collects a 2% fee for all processed payments, the rest is transferred immediately to the settlement wallet provided by the merchant. E.g if the subscription is 100 USDT monthly, 98 USDT will be sent to the settlement wallet upon every monthly payment and 2 USDT to the Yoki Finance treasury wallet.

  3. The first payment is deducted immediately from the customer, the next one is scheduled according to the details.

  4. The smart contract is unchangeable but can be stopped. So to implement the changes (eg increase the pricing) merchant has to create the new smart contract by requesting the Yoki Finance team or using the API.

  5. Yoki Finance does not hold customer funds which provides a better experience for the merchants and highly decreases any associated risks.

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